purpleaubergine (purpleaubergine) wrote in uk_depression25,


i suppose i am somewhat surprised, or disappointed, that no one has come across this group yet. perhaps i wrongly estimate the lj demographic, and over 25 year old uk residents are a paucity of the total footfall on lj space.

perhaps i need to advertise to the relevant communities where one advertises new communities? perhaps my own apathy is mirroring that of others, whose depression is no longer making them seek out help but has inverted itself to the point of self-retrospection and self-implosion.

perhaps someone will prove me wrong by joining, by providing some sort of vibrancy and life to this community, to debate the differences in treatment strategies between the NHS and the perceived "you can have everything" drug culture of our american counterparts who seem to be given one drug to cheer the mood, one to help sleep, one to calm the nerves, one to wake one up in the morning and three others for good measure for pain, appetite and low thyroid levels.

perhaps these things will happen with time?
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